Static and dynamic sorption of DOM on Bond Elute PPL and Bondesil PPL sorbents:\ physical-chemical characteristics

Volikov Alexander B., Sobolev Nikita A., Khreptugova Anna N., Perminova Irina V.

Separation Science and Technology, 2022, , doi: 10.1021/acs.estlett.2c00161


The objective of this work was to study sorption of dissolved organic matter (DOM) onto Bondesil PPL and Bond Elut PPL sorbents with particular attention to impact of sorption loading on molecular composition of the DOM isolated with a use of solid phase extraction (SPE). It was shown that the batch sorption isotherms were best fitted with the Langmuir model, the sorption constants were 8.6·103 L·kgOC−1 and 10.7·103 L·kgOC−1 for Bond Elut PPL and Bondesil PPL, respec- tively. Breakthrough curves were satisfactorily fitted by a logistic equation; the maximum sorbent loading was 13% (wt. dissolved organic carbon) for both sorbents. The relationship between loading values and optical descriptors of the DOM at the column exit showed preferential sorption of low molecular weight aromatic DOM components in the range of low loading values (up to 4%), the similar trends were observed for size exclusion chromatography (SEC) measurements. Much lesser impact of loading onto molecular composition was observed within the range from 4 to 8% dissolved organic carbon (DOC). Given high recovery values (70–85%) in this loading range, it can be recommended as preferential for conducting DOM isolation from natural waters using SPE PPL- modified sorbents.