We invite students of 2-5 courses to complete term papers and theses on scientific topics of the laboratory, the range of which is quite wide — we will find for every taste =). It is possible to perform both synthetic works with “hands”, analytical on various equipment, calculated in silico, and a combination of them.

The laboratory is equipped according to modern standards, various analytical equipment is available (including liquid chromatograph, carbon and nitrogen analyzer, electrochemical station, spectrophotometer, tablet reader), there is also access to collective use centers as a chemical faculty (NMR, Infrared spectroscopy, Electron microscopy, XRF, Fluorescence, AES ICP, GC-MS), as well as other institutes (Synchrotron, FT ICR MS and others) from our partners. In case of successful works, publications in highly rated journals and an additional scholarship are possible. In addition to medical chemistry, the laboratory presents current environmental topics, on which you can also work within various projects and not only. Students and postgraduates of the laboratory actively participate in conferences, expeditions and internships abroad in leading laboratories of the world.

After having been assigned to the department of choosing students of the laboratory are being trained to “Medicinal chemistry” or “Ecological chemistry”, that are popular and in demand nowadays.

After the graduation, It is possible to continue your postgraduate studies in this field in one of these two specialties that are represented at the department and in the current Dissertation Council of Moscow State University 02.06: